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Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Jafar Ghazanfarian

Level: Graduate


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"Fluid Mechanics" is a vast area and touches many aspects in our day today lives. At the academic level, only fraction of this course is covered. In undergraduate level of the courses, students get familiar with fundamental aspects, governing equations of fluid flow and their application to simple flow problems. Extending the depth of knowledge further, the course "Advanced Fluid Mechanics" has been designed and framed to express the concepts in a well-defined and vivid manner. The topics have been chosen from the broad areas of "Fluid Mechanics" emphasizing mathematical formulation of various flow problems. Attempt has been made to include advanced theories so that students can expertise and pursue research in the relevant areas. This course surveys the principal concepts and methods of fluid dynamics. Topics include mass conservation, momentum, and energy equations for continua, the Navier-Stokes equation for viscous flows, lubrication theory, boundary layers and separation, circulation and vorticity theorems, potential flow, an introduction to turbulence, lift and drag, surface tension and surface tension driven flows. The class assumes students have had two prior undergraduate classes in the area of fluid mechanics. Emphasis is placed on being able to formulate and solve typical problems of engineering importance. [Reference: from “MIT online open courses” with modifications]


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