University of Zanjan

Department of Mechanical Engineering




CHFS Theses






Current Theses


         Nanoscale heat transport using non-Fourier models, Masood Moghaddam.

         Free surface flow simulation using SPH, Erfan Mobara



         Simulation of instability in free surface flows with surface tension and air particles: a dense flow in dam beak study, Mahshid Moradi.

         ISPH simulation of flow over cylinder near free surface, Samira Mohammadi.

         LES simulation of Flow and Heat transfer over oscillating cylinder with super-hydrophobic material, Behrad Zein-ali.

         Development of a solver for 3D DPL-based conduction, Mohamad Jamshidi.

         Compressible flow over oscillating airfoil, Mehdi Mehri.



         Development of thermo-electro-mechanical concept for DPL model, M. Ganji.

         Simulation of flow in a circuit breaker, Roya Yargholi.

         Aero-acoustic simulation of flow over cylinder, Mostafa Mostafavi.

         3D simulation of flow over solar chimney structure, Moin Mansoori.


Selected Previous Theses


         3D LBM-FVM simulation of conjugate heat transfer in a nanoscale Tri-Gate FinFET, Reza Sepahi Samian.


         Optimization of flow and heat transfer over an oscillating finned cylinder, Sadjad Boozari.

         3D Blood flow simulation in an artificial heart, Nazila Nematzadeh.

         3D simulation of temperature field in a MOSFET using Monte Carlo method, Behrad Pedar.

         3D TLBM simulation of flow and heat transfer in a nanochannel, Dorna Jamshidi Asl.

         SPH simulation of flow over oscillating cylinder near a free surface, MSc, Roozbeh Saghatchi.

         Electro-thermal Conjugate non-Fourier Heat Transfer in nanoscale MOS devices including Joule-Heating, Masood Moghaddam.


         FSI simulation of flow over solar chimney structure with realistic geometry, Behnam Baratchi.

         3D numerical Investigation of flow in lobe pump, Mohammad Salehi.

         3D simulation of UFAD-HVAC system in clean room containing contaminant removal, Peyman Tavakkol.

         3D numerical simulation of die Casting process with solidification, Hasan Sharifi.

         Numerical simulation of 2D compressible flow over an oscillating airfoil, Javad Saharkhiz.

         2D Fluid-Structure Interaction of flow over vertical-axis wind turbine, Amir Hossein Zandi.

         Numerical simulation of 3D flow over solar chimney structure with considering fluid-structure interaction, Bayat.

         3D transient blood flow simulation in human Aorta, Sajjad Boozari.

         2D simulation of wind flow over historical dome of Soltaniye with considering fluid-structure interaction, Soheil Nazmdeh.

         Numerical simulation of heat transfer in the human eye, Mahin Valipour.

         Optimization of pilot solar chimney power plant in university of Zanjan, Mohammad Razavi.

         Numerical simulation of 2.5D flow inside an external gear pump, Meysam Yavari.

         SPH simulation of 3D dam break flow, Mohhamad Solgi.