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Jafar Ghazanfarian

Level: Undergraduate


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The Department of mechanical engineering at university of Zanjan, offers the course “Flow Study in Turbo-machines”. Examples of such the flow are industrial applications, such as an aircraft engine, turbines and internal combustion engines in cars and trucks. Such flows often involve rotational effects as well as linear motion. The course focuses on understanding the basic nature of the fluid dynamics of such flows and important phenomena such as cavitation, noise generation etc. and on developing models suitable for a range of industrial machines. The qualitative and quantitative natures of these flows are considered. Students will have a physical understanding of internal flows and be able to apply their knowledge to new applications in the design of industrial machines after completing the course. In this course, the focus will be mainly on pumps. The students will also be familiar with ventilators and water turbines. This is an undergraduate level class geared for students who already have a basic knowledge of fluid dynamics and the associated mathematics. [Reference: from “MIT online open courses” with modifications.]

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