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Jafar Ghazanfarian


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Total number of students I have ever had during 11.5 years of teaching: 2147

Additional Materials


Text Book

“Modern Fluid Mechanics from a Simple Viewpoint: Basics and Governing Equations”

By: Jafar Ghazanfarian

Last Update: 2017/02/01


Vol. 1

Front-Matter: Cover page & TOC

Chapter 1: Preliminary concepts

Chapter 2: Integral form of governing equations

End-Matter: References & Index


Vol. 2

Front-Matter: Cover page & TOC

Chapter 3: Differential form of governing equations

Chapter 4: Experiments: dimensional analysis and similarity

Chapter 5: Flow without shear stress, fluid statics

Chapter 6: Fluid mechanics from past to the future

End-Matter: References & Index


To receive password, make contact with: j.ghazanfarian@znu.ac.ir


Programming Skills (Use them with permission)

A general FORTRAN code


A FORTRAN Runge-Kutta code for Blasius solution (Flow over flat plate)


A sample FORTRAN code for Monte Carlo method in radiation


A FORTRAN code for unstructured grid generation    


FORTRAN codes for Bergulence (Turbulence modelling of Burger's equation)

1-  Using Fourier Transform to solve PDEs, using FORTRAN Numerical Recipes' codes

2-  Direct numerical simulation (DNS)

3-  Large eddy simulation (LES), Static Structure Function model

4-  LES, Bardina model

5-  LES, Dynamic Smagorensky model

6-  LES, Static Smagorensky model

7-  Reports


Technical Writing

How to Start and Enjoy Research? [UC]

Technical Writing and Presentation

Mini-Dictionary of Technical Words and Expressions


Relevant Links


CFD Review

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Considerations for Iranian MSc Entrance Exam

Section of Fluid Mechanics

Section of Heat Transfer

Current Courses

Attention for students: Students must use my ZNU email address for all correspondences.

Fluid Mechanics II

21st time

As Taught in fall 2018

Level: Undergraduate


Advanced Numerical Analysis

9th time

As Taught in fall 2018

Level: Graduate



8th time

As Taught in fall 2018

Level: Undergraduate

Previous Courses

Fluid Mechanics I

21st time

As Taught in spring 2018

Level: Undergraduate


Advanced Fluid Mechanics

6th time

As Taught in spring 2018

Level: Graduate


Gas Dynamics

11th time

As Taught in Spring 2017

Level: Undergraduate


Computational Fluid Dynamics II

2nd time

As Taught in Fall 2013

Level: Graduate



Heat Transfer I

4th time

As Taught in Fall 2011

Level: Undergraduate


Heat Transfer II

4th time

As Taught in Fall 2011

Level: Undergraduate


Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

As Taught in Fall 2012

Level: Undergraduate